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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Crafting your dream home interiors to precision, just as you've always imagined.

Takkhat stands tall as India’s premier furniture brand, excelling in both home and institutional segments, while upholding a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Renowned for its centers of design, manufacturing, and retail excellence, the brand leads with a vision to revolutionize spaces.

Backed by a huge in-house design team in the furniture category, Takkhat endeavors to redefine spaces through meticulously crafted furniture. It strives to illuminate homes and offices with products boosting unparalleled design aesthetics, functionality, and technological prowess. Consistently pursuing excellence, it places special emphasis on health and ergonomics, offering an extensive product portfolio spanning home, office, and specialized applications.

With a robust presence across Pan India, the brand stands as a significant division of Brand Kettle.  Accolades from our top-notch clientele speak volumes about our work. 

Furniture Collection 

Welcome to a world where luxury meets artistry, where every piece of furniture embodies opulence and refinement. Our exclusive collection of furniture transcends mere functionality; it is a symphony of elegance and craftsmanship, meticulously curated to adorn your spaces with sophistication. 

Furniture that symbolizes timeless beauty, exquisite design, and the epitome of comfort, inviting you to immerse yourself in the finest forms of living.

Explore our furniture by rooms

Living room Dining room   Bedroom Study and Home Office Kitchen

Dining Room

Indulge in the art of dining sophistication with our exquisite collection of furniture, meticulously crafted to elevate every mealtime experience. From elegant tables that serve as focal points to sumptuously comfortable chairs designed for leisurely gatherings, our dining collection features timeless elegance and functional beauty. 

Discover pieces that merge style with practicality, creating inviting spaces that evoke warmth and elegance for memorable dining moments.


Plot No.10, Village Bajri Post Pali Shri Balaji HBR Complex, Faridabad, Faridabad, Haryana, 121001

Phone Number:
+91 80760 59513
+91 93193 46633

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